How the Game is Played

Players must be present at a Host Site to gain access to their game card in the HashTag Fantasy Sports app. Players select athletes from teams playing live matchups during a set time period, typically Sunday afternoon. Currently, HashTag Fantasy Sports is designed for American Football and the three categories include, “Throwing Touchdowns”, “All Purpose Yards”, and “Receptions”. Each category has three threshold levels. Players select athletes they believe will achieve each of those thresholds in each of those categories. If an athlete meets or exceeds the threshold the player receives a set number of points. The player with the most points at the end of the live matchups included in the afternoon game wins.

Players Must:

  • be 18 years of age or older to create an account and play.
  • be present at a Host Site to participate.
  • lock in selected athletes in each level before live broadcast of first matchup.
  • select athletes for each category and threshold.
  • use their own skill and knowledge of professional sports to make selections. Portions of the app provide current season average statistics that may be used to aid selection.
  • conduct themselves in a polite manner within the game group chat.

HashTag Fantasy Sports:

  • is for entertainment purposes only.
  • is not responsible for the actions of other players.
  • does not award cash prizes or prizes of any value to players or winners. Any prizes advertised or distributed are from Host Sites that are being allowed to use the HashTag Fantasy Sports mobile app for entertainment purposes.
  • is not affiliated with Apple, Inc., Alphabet Inc. or subsidiary Google, the National Football League (NFL), NFL Players Association or any Team, Athlete, Coach, Staff or official employed or contracted by the NFL. No assumptions should be made of sponsorships or involvement by the aforementioned.

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